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Farah Day is a versatile music personality who as vocalist as well as flautist expressively and freely moves around in today’s modern music such as jazz-dance, funky-house, jazzy lounge and soulful-trance.
She mixes her own music with loops, electronic effects and acoustic instruments, surrounding her warm songs with a cosy and grooving jazz sound. Through her background in jazz-, classical- and world music she has managed to create a very personal sound that can easily be recognised.

Farah Day is the pseudonym for Marijke Faber.
At a young age Farah Day began to make music. Learned to play the guitar, flute, vocals and studied at the Utrecht/Hilversum Academy of Music majoring in flute (classical) and vocals (light music). After her graduation Farah Day further developed her musical skills in Jazz, World Music, Improvisation Techniques and the electronic trends Dance, Techno, Lounge, Trance. Thanks to this broad musical development she easily mixes the different styles of music.

In 1999/2000 Farah Day set up the ensemble Emanon in which music from 20th century composers as Edgar Varese were mixed with newly written or arranged compositions. Performers were Farah Day flute/vocals, jazz pianist Dirk Balthaus, classical guitarist Cees Sax (Utrecht Guitar Duo) and percussionist Kim Weemhoff.

In 2002/2003 she toured with jazz band Starbase 4 conducted by Ghasem Batamuntu where Farah Day performed with different guest soloists e.g. Charley Green.

In 2004 Farah Day toured with her own band “Farah Day & Friends”, playing in different theatres such as the Bimhuis and Bellevue Theater.
Members of the band were: Farah Day – vocals/flute, Johnny Tevreden - bass guitar/double-bass, Bas Mulder – guitar, Kim Weemhoff – percussion/electro sounds.

This year Farah Day started recording her own songs, working closely together with producer Jina Sumedi The songs with searching lyrics have modern arrangements with a jazzy-lounge/trance sound which are accompanied by acoustic instrumentalists. The release of the CD is expected in 2006.

Farah Day is also working as a music teacher for the Music Circle Westerpark, which she set up together with Saxophonist Arjen Schalker in April 2003. For more information go

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